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Fourth Round: Starting Soon

Welcome to scrubs_lims, a Scrubs Last Icon Maker Standing Competition.  Each week you will make an icon from the picture provided and then at the end of the week you will vote on your least favorite and someone will be eliminated till we find the last icon maker standing.

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1. Join the community & Sign Up here.  Only people who have commented to that post will be able to participate.

2. Specific rules will be posted with the challenges but the usual ones always apply: No icons larger than 40kb or 100x100. Textures, gradients, patterns & brushes are acceptable.

3. Being a participant means you must submit an icon in all of the challenges till you are voted off.  If you miss a challenge you will be disqualified.

4. Everyone gets 1 Skip.  If you know your going to be out of town or just can't get an icon in you can comment on this post and when it is accepted you will have a bye for that week. Meaning you are automaticly advanced to the next challenge with out having to compete in that one.

5. All entries must remain anonymous until voting for that particular challenge is over.

6. Please put "Smurftastic!" in your comment when you sign up. To make sure you read the rules.

How to post your icon  


Thursday: Challenge posted
Tuesday: Voting Posted
Thursday: Voting Results Posted

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